Vote | May Timeslots

Great news everyone – I'm back at the drawing board working on a bunch of hot new pictures! 

Most of what you've seen me post here are my older sketches from 2012-2015 that needed a good deal of cleanup in photoshop to improve anatomy & linework before they were worth posting. Generally you're seeing an old sketch that I've revisited years later to fix up, but every now and then there's a new one (hopefully of perceptibly better quality). In 2017 I drew a handful of brand-new pieces, mostly as a result of Patreon voting for things like Unreal Gains, Sexy Cosplay, etc. but most of my time has been spent going through my huge pile of old unpublished sketches and improving them enough to post here.

Well, over the past two weeks I've pumped out about 20 new sketches, taking into account all the kinds of things you fine folks have been requesting the most: feats of strength, some actual fucking, new poses, more of Becca & Lindsey, more Valkyries, and even 3 pages of a new comic! This is why you haven't heard a peep out of me since April, but you'll be seeing a lot of new stuff getting posted, starting this week!

Because we're already halfway through the month, I've gone ahead and chosen Oaths for 3 of the 4 available time slots already (each is roughly what I can get done in a week).

So, where would you like to see the rest of my time go this month?