January Vote - Unreal Gains

We have a winner! Thanks for your votes on the last round, now let's decide which of these fine fit futas will get hit with some unreal gains: 

You can pick more than one option this time, so I get a better sense of the runner-ups, I find this kind of poll where you can select multiple options gives me better data on what you like best. From my experience as a supporter of other artists on Patreon, I find that polls allowing only one vote per patron are heavily influenced by the first couple patrons to vote. After one or two options get an early lead, you’re forced to choose between only those leading options if you want your vote to matter. With multiple votes per patron, you can pick your favorites without feeling like your vote didn't count. I see all the results, so even if you're the only patron to vote for a particular image, I'll know YOU picked it and will take that into account on future posts ;)

So, which of these hotties needs a shot in the arm? She’ll grow bigger muscles, tits, and cock, while keeping the same general pose and features.

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